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Our Process

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
–Peter Drucker, author and management consultant

“Always make your future bigger than your past.”
– Dan Sullivan, founder and president of The Strategic Coach Inc.

When you begin working with the team at Hankinson Wealth Advisors, we partner with you as advocates for your achieving and multiplying your Encore Life™. The Encore Experience™ is a systematic process designed to help you get your financial house in order and keep it that way forever.

Step 1: The Abundant Future Transformer™

Your future is full of possibilities. Your mobile device has more computing power than what was used by NASA to put a man on the moon. Medical breakthroughs mean much longer lifetimes for us all. There are important things happening in the world that could substantially transform your future. We will have a conversation about your future because your future is the only place that we can create value for you. Our goal is for you to begin the process of envisioning a future that is bigger than your past.

Step 2: The Encore Life Vision™

Together, we will begin building your road map to your bigger future. You will begin crafting your Encore Life. We will have a series of transformative conversations where we help you get crystal clear about what is most important to you, articulate your financial goals, and benchmark your current financial reality. The end result will be a gift of clarity and inspiration. It is incredibly exciting to visualize your desired future and work with the expertise that can help you create it.

Step 3: The Encore Navigator™

Creating a strategy to accomplish your goals and not implementing that strategy is like planning a vacation, but never taking the trip. We will review your road map and guide you through The Encore Navigator, a personalized step-by-step list of action items unique to you and your Encore Life. This is the first step on your journey to achieving your goals so you can fulfill what is truly important to you.

Step 4: The Encore Achiever™

We offer a perpetual cycle of recurring accountability conversations held every four (4) months designed to keep both you and us focused on the actions required to achieve your goals. During each of these discussions, we will celebrate your successes; refocus on your bigger future, and review your updated Encore Navigator™. 

Each accountability conversation will have one of three distinct themes:

  • The Rest Easy Multiplier™ focuses on a discussion of potential things that could derail your plan and strategies to address each one. These are the main challenges that need to be resolved so you can rest easy every night and enjoy your Encore Life. 
  • The Encore Life Focus™ is an in-depth conversation about your goals and opportunities for making your future bigger than your past. An abundant future full of expanding meaning, significance, and satisfaction. 
  • The Abundant Future Solution™ focuses on your progress towards your goals and proactive solutions to keep you on course to achieving your goals and fulfilling what is truly important to you. 

Plan Well. Invest Wisely. Live Abundantly.™